dadwar 2014

anyway where can i get a compilation album of those songs they play at vegetarian chinese restaurants

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kelleydenham asked

Goodblowjobgiver, are you a dirty graffiti person?! Also what is your fav graffiti movie if you have one


yeah it’s a Fun Illegal Hobby :) u get a lot of fresh air and exercise and u get to see new parts of town and it’s good if u r a “Night Owl” ! and it’s creative and fun and very Fuck The System…. idk i like it !! lol

hm i guess some favorite vids are: o’clock 156 in france / ozone+vanity+bravo in copenhagen / rasko in russia / alone in stockholm. these videos are all extremely my shit :)




4 graffiti videos and not a single one from new york. as the offspring of a graffitiman im ostensibly offended

death to america

Declassified documents from the 1970s provide new evidence that federal officials believed bomb-grade uranium that disappeared from a Pennsylvania nuclear facility in the 1960s was likely taken for use in a clandestine Israeli atomic-weapons program.

*hits the martell webster in the alleyway*

*prays in a beautiful church*


КПП-Контролно-пропускателен пункт, (Checkpoint), Bulgaria


КПП-Контролно-пропускателен пункт, (Checkpoint), Bulgaria